There are childhood illnesses that your child may come into contact with while they are at Little Oaks. If you are at all worried please take them to a doctor for advice. When your child is well enough to attend Little Oaks, they will be able to access all activities, including the outside area. The following are a few of the common ailments that they may come into contact with:

If your child is suffering from sickness or diarrhoea, we ask that you do not bring them back to Pre-School until 48 hours after the last episode.

Children who have had Chicken Pox may return after the last spot has scabbed over.

Once head lice have been treated, children can return to Pre-School.

If your child has been diagnosed with threadworm, once medication has been taken they will be allowed to return after 24 hours.

Sore, red, itchy eyes with/without a yellow-in-colour discharge could be conjunctivitus. Unless the eye has a bacterial infection, parents will be asked to keep the eye area clean and children to refrain from rubbing the area. Try to keep to separate towels – to avoid spreading the virus. If the symptoms persist for more than a few days, please see a doctor as medicine may be needed.

The following ailments do not necessarily need any specific treatment but the child should be well enough in themselves to attend a session as they will be allowed to access all areas, including outside, while they are at Little Oaks:
‘Slapcheek’ – bright red cheeks, usually accompanied by a temperature;
Hand, Foot and Mouth – Blisters in the mouth, on the fingers or palm of the hand or soles of the feet, (or all 4) can be accompanied by a temperature.

You may find the following poster from the Public Health Agency useful when deciding whether a child needs to be kept off school:

We can give medication (both prescribed and over the counter) to a child during the day, if it is in its original, dated, container. You will be asked to fill in a form for staff to administer the medication for the duration of the treatment and sign to confirm that the medication has been given in the past with no adverse effect.

A useful link is the ‘Information Service For Parents’ which you can sign up for, found through: